Plans for next Redmine releases

Added by Jean-Philippe Lang over 11 years ago

Redmine 1.1 will be released in the next few weeks.

Shortly after that, Redmine 1.2 will be devoted to workflow and issue permissions enhancement. It will bring some of the most requested features: private issues, ability for certain roles to view their own issues, more configurable workflow, and permissions on issue properties. A tagging system, another highly requested feature, will be added in 1.3.

Efforts will also be made on these releases to improve the REST API based on your feedback.

For those who are interested, here is a list of some of the most popular feature requests on While some of them are already planned as mentioned above, the others may not be added to the core in a near feature:

  • #337 Private issues
  • #779 Multiple SCM per project
  • #1448 Add tags to issues
  • #2653 New permission for issues: view_own_issue
  • #3463 Export wiki pages to PDF/DOC
  • #1077 ICS view of Calendar
  • #801 WebDAV access to Documents/Files
  • #3816 Allow pasting screenshots in issues
  • #1189 Multiselect custom fields
  • #2964 Ability to assign issues to groups


Added by Fardeen GHULAM over 11 years ago

Is #779 Multiple SCM per project planned ?

Added by Billy T over 11 years ago

I am so looking forward to the Mutiple SCM per project either.

Added by Yuriy Vidineev over 11 years ago

#61 is very old bug. Maybe it's time to fix it? :)

Added by Bo Hansen over 11 years ago

Are you looking into issue #2208 also? It seems quite related to the private issue and permission stuff.

Added by Florent Fievez over 11 years ago

What about #2964 ? it's a very usefull feature for software development businesses ...

Added by Andy Bolstridge over 11 years ago

#779 would be a very good addition, but it would have some knock-on effects on plugins that assume a single repository. It would nevertheless be a good idea to get the basic functionality into the mainline Redmine trunk so plugins could be updated to work with multiple SCMs and further coding applied in minor releases afterwards.

Any thoughts?

Added by Colin Mollenhour over 11 years ago

Would love to see #779 in 1.2!