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Privacy & Terms

Privacy & Terms plugin description

The best free integration of Redmine with privacy and terms of use acceptance.

The Privacy & Terms plugin is ideal if you want to include terms of use for your Redmine installation and get the consent of t...

By Alexander Meindl




Redmine Products Plugin: manage products and orders in one place.

Track products or services and manage orders and delivery.

  • Simple orders and products management
  • Orders statuses basic workflow
  • Integrated with CRM pl...

By Kirill Bezrukov (RedmineUP)



Progressive Projects List

The plugin provides projects list with menus, description and progress bars, etc.


Download from the official site -

By Dmitry Babenko



Project Custom fields

This plugin allows users to limit the values of custom fields (lists and checkbox) per project (only issues) using the values defined by admins.

By redmineservices .



Project Enumerations Custom Field Format

This plugin adds a new custom field format,
that allows to have Enumerations whose values are
set in the project

How it works

What it does

  • Adds a new value in the CustomFiels types : Project Enumeration

exemple :





Project roles listing

Allows showing roles in Admin / Projects page.
E.g. list of 'Reporters' in a specific Reporters column.

By Oleg Pasko



Project Templates Plugin By Redmine X

Redmine Project Templates To Save Time When Projects Repeat

A FREE version is in an online demo at & the downloadable version is at If you need to test ...

By Ondrej Svejkovsky




Redmine Questions Plugin: Create FAQ, Q&A, knowledge bases, and idea reporting pages

Plugin replaces Redmine Forum module with a new, better interface and adds new features such as tags, votes, page views. You can have a forum in a style of ...

By Kirill Bezrukov (RedmineUP)



Quick Replies

Save time by creating quick replies that could be reused in any WYSIWYG editors.

By eXolnet Inc



Ready Email Footer

Redmine Email Footer generator based on user data

This is a 100% FREE Redmine Plugin. It was created to allow easy defining and distributing of a uniform, well-defined email footer among colleagues.

Key Features of Redmine Ready Email F...

By Ready Redmine


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