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Inline Edit Issue list By Redmine X

Redmine Inline List Inline Editing Without Page Reload

Edit Redmine issues from the issue list without reloading the page, search issue subjects on thy fly. Super-fast, super convenient. This killer plugin also adds Select2 for long lists, user...

By Ondrej Svejkovsky



Redmine ticket update reminder plugin that sends email reminder to the assignee and a globally defined cc'd user when the task has not been updated within the desired duration.

By Igor Olemskoi (Southbridge)




Redmine Invoices Plugin: turn Redmine into an online invoicing system.

Create, track and export your invoices. Bill time entries and manage user rates.

  • Simple invoices management
  • Invoices statuses basic workflow
  • Integra...

By Kirill Bezrukov (RedmineUP)


Issue assign notice plugin

It is a plugin of Redmine that notifies Slack, Rocket.Chat, Teams, Google Chat, Mattermost, etc. that the issue assignee changed.

For details and how ...

By Hirokazu Onozato



Issue Badge

Plugin to show the number of ...

By Akiko Takano



Issue favicon plugin

Plugin to show the number of assigned issues on favicon with badge, using favico.js.

By Akiko Takano


Issue Links

This plugin adds a link left of the other issue links (Edit, Copy), that creates a subtask of a specific tracker.
It adds shortcuts for your users to create sub issues.

By Frederico Camara


Issue Open Date

This plugin is designed to open frozen issues on the scheduled day.

By Igor Olemskoi (Southbridge)



Issue Reminder

Issue Reminder Plugin - remind issues manually and automatically

The Issue Reminder Plugin adds the functionality to send issue reminders automatically and manually to assignees or authors.
Auxiliary-X offers a cron-like script to call the auto...

By Florian Stoffregen



Issue Status History

!!Allows to search between two dates on the issue status changes over the history of the issues. It allows to search specific status changes, ie in progress -> finished

The plugin uses an auxiliary table to make faster searches on huge redmine in...

By redmineservices .


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