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Issue Templates

Plugin to generate and use issue templates for each project to assist issue creation.

New Maintenance Repository


  • It works as project module.
  • Member who has "Mana...

By Akiko Takano




you don't need do add watchers. after create issue, it will auto add to watchers(editor, assignee, custom users that all you selected) and it also before all the issue notices

By rc z



A Redmine Plugin to notify assignee and watchers through push notification when an issue has been reported or updated.

By Anil Dias Davis



List Custom Field Possible Values Filter

Redmine plugin that adds the ability to filter possible values of Custom Fields of type List.
Some project exceptions can be added, These exceptions are available in sub-projects.

For example :
If you use a Severity Custom Field on Bugs ...





Logs is a plugin lets you download Redmine's log files from administration page.

By Haruyuki Iida


Maintenance Mode Plugin

Plugin to prevent users from using Redmine while system operations are being done.

Only already logged-in administrators have access to the Redmine system during maintenance time whereas a configurable maintenance notice is shown to "normal" users.

By Tobias Fischer



Mega calendar

Plugin for redmine: Brings a better calendar and more oppurtunities to set holidays.
Only tested with redmine 3.0.X, 3.1.X, 3.2.X, 3.3.X, 3.4.X, 4.X.X

Create/Edit/Destroy holidays (global or per user)
New calendar view
Comfortable, e...

By Andreas Treubert


Mentions Suggestions

Suggest assignee based on note text.

How does this work?

The first user you mention in a issue comment will be suggested to set as assignee for the current ticket. You can uncheck the box to not change the assignee, otherwise, it will be assi...

By Kevin Porras



Microsoft Project Connector

A Redmine Plugin to Work with MS Project Plugin Redmine Connector( It's not a XML/MPP import/export tools. It's more convenient and powerful than any import/export style tools. It make redmine as a data center for M...

By Chan Li



MIE Invoice


  • Select multiple projects or a single project.
  • Searches the total work hour by date of each project.
  • Can view the data in a table format.
  • Accepts YEN and converts to YEN, USD and EURO.
  • Provides a simple pdf template input, such...

By Tij Tech


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