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Mobile Issue Table view

Redmine plugin to improve issues list visibility on mobile devices (smartphone, tablets)

This plugin displays column headers in vertical view instead of horizontal, so users can browse in natural smartphone/tablet way (vertically) instead of horison...

By Aleksandar Pavic



Multi-projects issue

This redmine plugin allow you to specify more than one project per issue.

Cross-projects issues appear in all concerned projects.
They can be viewed by every users who have enough permission on at least one project, but can be updated only by users...

By Vincent Robert



Multiple Assignees with Custom Users plugin


Redmine plugin for adding assignee functionality includes default query and reminder to Custom Users.
*) Custom Users means the users specified in the Custo...

By precious plum


Outlook 2013 Issue Creator AddIn

Create RedMine issue right from your inbox using message details.



P2R Console script for MS Project to Redmine synchronization

P2R provides publishing tasks with appointments from MSP project to Redmine and getting progress data back to MSP from Redmine.

It does not require any installation and is just a ruby console script.

A compiled .exe version is available for cus...

By Alexei Siventsev



PDF export Time_Spent

This Redmine plugin add an export button in the time_log list that allow to export each time spent as a pdf format in addition to a pdf button that export all time spent in the list.

By Ali Hamdan




Redmine People Plugin helps you manage users and employees.

It extends the standard Users module with a new interface and new features.

  • Flexible user permissions
  • Local avatars (photos) for users
  • Setting user rates
  • Pe...

By Kirill Bezrukov (RedmineUP)


Periodic Task

This plugin automatically creates issues when a period of time passes.

In some projects there are tasks that need to be assigned on a schedule. Such as check the ssl registration once per year or run security checks every 3 months

After you insta...

By Julian Perelli



Primetric - Resource and Finance Management Platform

Primetric is a stand-alone resource, project, and finance management platform dedicated to IT business services. It allows to plan, track and forecast developers' availability and projects' profitability.

Thanks to the integration with Redmine you c...

By Arkadiusz Terpiłowski



Privacy & Terms

Privacy & Terms plugin description

The best free integration of Redmine with privacy and terms of use acceptance.

The Privacy & Terms plugin is ideal if you want to include terms of use for your Redmine installation and get the consent of t...

By Alexander Meindl


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