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02:11 Redmine Feature #21450: Totals for Total estimated time and Total spent time
Verified against Redmine 3.4.2, yet reproduces.
We will really love this feature
Jonathan Vargas


08:06 Redmine Defect #22120: Issues are visible in Issue List but not in Issue Detail
Yes, they have that permission enabled. If I disable it, they won't see any issue, including those ones created by or... Jonathan Vargas


15:38 Redmine Feature #22124 (Closed): Display summary of projects in Projects page
Instead of a plain list of projects, there could be two types of project listing:
Display cards for each...
Jonathan Vargas
15:31 Redmine Feature #22122 (Closed): Display Subprojects as a list in the project's Overview tab
When you have many subprojects, the Overview page exposes the subprojects just separated by comma on the same text li... Jonathan Vargas
15:22 Redmine Feature #22121 (Closed): Add a quick search of projects in Projects page
When you have many projects and subprojects displayed on the Projects page, it takes time to identify and s...
Jonathan Vargas
14:42 Redmine Defect #21559: Issues visibility own but i see all issues
I am having the same problem, however I disabled plugins and the bug is still present. I opened #22120 to report my c... Jonathan Vargas
14:37 Redmine Defect #22120 (Needs feedback): Issues are visible in Issue List but not in Issue Detail
I found that there is an inconsistency in the authorization to see issues.
I use Redmine as a Project Mana...
Jonathan Vargas


23:32 Redmine Patch #4776: Totals for Estimated Time
This worked fine for us. I just removed the unpaired parentheses at the footer of the query results. Thanks, I'm not ... Jonathan Vargas


17:56 Redmine Development: RE: How to get a project's custom field value from mailer.rb
Thanks Nikolay, I'll give it a try. Jonathan Vargas


18:07 Redmine Open discussion: How to set the Priority dinamically based on custom fields values?
I want to set the Priority field value based on two existing custom fields:
* *Impact:* List _(High, Med...
Jonathan Vargas

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