Hosting recommendation?

Added by Peter Edstrom over 15 years ago

Anyone have a hosting recommendation? I'm looking for an easy setup for a private development project. I have shared hosting over at Joyant, but it has the wrong version of Ruby and I can't seem to upgrade it.

I'm sure I could hire someone to get it installed, but would ideally prefer to purchase a package with it pre-installed.

Any suggestions?

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RE: Hosting recommendation? - Added by Wolfgang Plank over 15 years ago


just search for rails hosting. A growing number of hoster offer rails hosting.
Shared Hosting with Ruby support is not enough to run ruby on rails :)


RE: Hosting recommendation? - Added by Vadym K over 15 years ago

I can suggest
They are the best ones we have met.
And they have really great support.

RE: Hosting recommendation? - Added by Eric Davis over 15 years ago

I've been with Slicehost for almost two years now and have no complaints. They just got bought by Rackspace but I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing yet ;)


RE: Hosting recommendation? - Added by Chris Dew over 15 years ago

I'm in the process of setting up a couple of cooperatively-run colocated servers for hosting KVM virtual machines. Add your name to the list if you're interested.

RE: Hosting recommendation? - Added by TaskPoint Project over 14 years ago

If you are stil interested we provied hosted online project management solution based on Redmine at

RE: Hosting recommendation? - Added by Jan from Planio about 14 years ago

You might also want to check out Planio. Planio is Redmine hosting that comes complete with SVN&Git repositories, and a couple of extras like start/stop time tracking, automated issue creation on exceptions, improved email dropbox functionality, etc. It's easily set up in <5 minutes and you can try it for free for the first 30 days.

Would love your feedback on this. (Disclosure: I work for Planio)

RE: Hosting recommendation? - Added by Ruslan Platonov about 13 years ago

I would recommend as a good provider. About a year ago I chose them because of the low prices but mainly because they host Redmine out of the box. Together with Redmine you'll get personal SVN repository with secure HTTPS connection.

I've started with the Level 1 subscription that would be enough to maintain one project. During all this time I encountered not more than only 1-2 outages that lasted just few minutes. And it's very good result! Now I've upgraded to Level 2 that gives me infinite number of projects I can host.

RE: Hosting recommendation? - Added by Daniel Lopez about 13 years ago

You can run a BitNami Redmine AMI ( on EC2 using the AWS free tier (, completely for free if you stay within the usage limits. If you want automatic backups, monitoring, etc. you can also take a look at our reasonably priced BitNami Cloud Hosting (

RE: Hosting recommendation? - Added by David Roncancio over 12 years ago

Yup i used bitnami cloud and it took me less than 4 hours, including all the learning curve to get a redmine working and it just costedme 0.94 because i screwed following the bitnami tutorial, and there is a free developer plan for 1 server 1 app which is running pretty well, so both bitnami and amazon are pertty easy and awesome for redmine hosting

RE: Hosting recommendation? - Added by S. Ruttloff over 12 years ago

May its too late ;-), but we are offering Redmine Hosting.
And we also offer additional services like plugin installation, incoming mail 2 ticket, migrations and some more.

Check out our services or take look direct at Redmine Hosting.

If you have any question regarding this service, have a look at our Redmine Hosting FAQ

Would be nice to see you ...

RE: Hosting recommendation? - Added by Michael Niamkou over 10 years ago

In case anyone still needs an alternative.

Promo info:

Redmine hosting. Unlimited registered users on any subscription plan.

English speaking support. Contact for details:

RE: Hosting recommendation? - Added by Martin Ludwig over 7 years ago

I am wondering if someone is still searching for better alternatives like me.

Most of the available options that provide ready-made Redmine servers put limitations on the number of users or projects or even features...which really sucks!

I found a new company ( that breaks the rule. Has anyone given it a shot?

RE: Hosting recommendation? - Added by Kirill Bezrukov (RedmineUP) about 2 years ago

You may try fast and stable hosting from RedmineUP.

You don't need to update Redmine, install plugins or monitor application and infrastructure at all. It's ready to use (with free data migration) and free to start.

It's nice to have 19 plugins extra, such as Agile, Helpdesk and CRM and free support from they team.

RE: Hosting recommendation? - Added by Michael Stanek over 1 year ago

You can also check We offer mainly a hosted Redmine version, but if necessary, we can offer you a Redmine hosting as well.

Michael from