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Is it possible to sponsor the implementation of features?

Added by Fabrice Brito almost 11 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA almost 11 years ago

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What features?

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Updated by Fabrice Brito almost 11 years ago

For instance #13843

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Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA almost 11 years ago

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Updated by dj jones almost 11 years ago

It doesn't matter what features - it seems like good sensible question.

The Wiki does not answer it right now - maybe some extra text on the Donors page would help?

Or the 'Contributing and helping out' part of the Overview page?

Maybe using the phrase 'sponsor an issue' in the wiki, would help future searchers find the answer too.


<vested interest - my company is looking at using Redmine; it may not happen, but if it does we may want to help by giving time to code some of the features in the Roadmap page, or sponsoring someone else to do so.>

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Updated by Jean-Baptiste Barth almost 11 years ago

There's no official mechanism to sponsor features implementation now. But of course nothing prevents you from hiring a ruby consultant for some days, developing cleanly with tests, and proposing it back here.

Here's my personal opinion: if the feature is likely to interest everybody (#13843 is a good example there) there's no reason to refuse it, if it respects the following principles:
  • it should not break existing feature or technical compatibility (e.g. something compatible with Mysql only for instance)
  • if it changes the nature of the project or if it is a "big" feature, it should be discussed here before and have the approval of the team
  • in any case, developing the feature in a plugin can be a good idea before extracting a patch for Redmine core: if your patch isn't accepted, you still have the feature in a plugin that you can use directly (and hopefully maintain in the future)

Hope this helps..

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Updated by Go MAEDA over 7 years ago

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Answered in #13853#note-5. Closing.
It would be greatly appreciated if you could provide patches with tests.

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Updated by Jan from Planio over 7 years ago

For the record for anyone landing here: At my company Planio, we're regular contributors to Redmine and we offer custom feature development as part of our Redmine Hosting Enterprise plan.

Whenever we can, we also contribute any features or improvements developed through this model back to the community. This doesn't mean that you can hire us to push any arbitrary feature to Redmine directly. It must of course be in line with the general product vision of Redmine as determined by the community. But we might be able to help in defining a feature's scope so that it can make sense on a broader scale and therefore solve your use case and be a valuable addition to Redmine at the same time – which is crucial.

Therefore, if you have a budget for a particular feature being developed, don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we can discuss it.

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Updated by Go MAEDA over 5 years ago

  • Related to Feature #29758: Introduce optional pay per feature model of Redmine development added

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