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"Unscheduled" version on roadmap

Added by Marcin Kasperski almost 16 years ago. Updated almost 7 years ago.

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It would be nice, if all open issues not assigned to any version were shown on the roadmap, under special version named "unscheduled" (maybe also distinguished with a color or formatting).

This way it would not be necessary to create versions called "Future", "Unassigned" etc - what people are now frequently doing.

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Actions #1

Updated by Anonymous almost 16 years ago

+1 (a voting system will be nice also ;o))

Actions #2

Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang over 15 years ago

IMHO, the Roadmap is not the right place to display unassigned issues. Unassigned doesn't always mean that it will be implemented in the future.

You can use a saved query to list unassigned issues. What do you think?

Actions #3

Updated by Marcin Kasperski over 15 years ago

That's probably a matter of work habits, but I still feel that it would be nice to see ALL issues on the roadmap. Important for project review for example.

I don't think it makes any harm to show things which need not be implemented. After all, they are to be shown on the very bottom, and under the label which suggests that those are the issues about which no decision has been made so far.

(sorry for answering so late, I did not get the email notification for some reason and just spotted the comments now)

Actions #4

Updated by Szymon Połom about 15 years ago

I don't mind the current system as I have a version called Product Backlog in all my projects but I wouldn't mind a setting where one can say "set newly created issues to version xxx per default".

Actions #5

Updated by Thomas Capricelli over 14 years ago

I usually create a special version "Futur" and assign all otherwise non-assigned items to it. This provide what this ticket asks, if you dont forget to assign them..

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Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 13 years ago

  • Category set to Roadmap
Actions #7

Updated by Andrew Lansdowne almost 12 years ago

+1 we rely on the roadmap when organising issues for releases and because target version is optional people often forget to set it and these issues go forgotten until someone checks for unassigned issues and assigns them. I did try making a filter for no target version and it works on one project but not if you share with all projects.

Actions #8

Updated by Dipan Mehta about 11 years ago

+1 Just to fit the purpose of both point of view - it can be a button/setting that whether or not issues with 'unassigned target versions' should be shown on roadmap or not.

Actions #9

Updated by Le Quang Chinh over 10 years ago


Hope that Feature/Enhancement will be implemented.

Actions #10

Updated by Jon Brown almost 9 years ago


this could be a very useful feature. perhaps not everyone would use it but i would.

This might be aimed at smaller projects with one or 2 people. You could have this as a setable option in the config per project.

you could see at a glance what stuff you have not assigned or what other issues people have logged without the hassle of having to categories them, especially on a friday afternoon when you want to go home.

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Updated by Go MAEDA over 8 years ago

  • Has duplicate Feature #4928: Add secondary page column with "non-versioned issues" added
Actions #12

Updated by Robert Schneider almost 7 years ago


Not the right concept, IMO. I would close/reject this ticket. A roadmap is a roadmap.

Consider it also technically: some projects (like Redmine itself) may contain thousands of such tickets.

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Updated by Mischa The Evil almost 7 years ago

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Robert Schneider wrote:

Not the right concept, IMO. I would close/reject this ticket. A roadmap is a roadmap.

I agree. Also, with the implementation of #1828, it is possible to assign all new issues a default version (like 'Unscheduled'), thus making the functionality requested in this issue obsolete.


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