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MIME headers are not fully correct

Added by Alon Bar-Lev over 15 years ago. Updated about 15 years ago.

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I noticed that gmail does not recognize redmine emails as directed to me.

This is due to the following headers:
Bcc: , , , ,

1. Please notice that I can see the Bcc, which I should not usually be allowed to see.
2. There is no To: header.

I think that every time you send an email message you should add only To: header which should contain the destination address, and drop the Bcc header.


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Updated by Dan Cameron over 15 years ago

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I can verify this issue.

Attached is an image of what is shown in gmail (I use Google Apps) and the raw email.

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Updated by Paul Rivier over 15 years ago

Hi Dan,

this is a public internet page therefore it is discouraged to publish other people email adresses. Harvesting is a fast and automated operation, so please remove at least the text file. Thank you.

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Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang about 15 years ago

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If you want Redmine to use the "To" field, uncheck "Blind carbon copy recipients (bcc)" in application settings.

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Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang about 15 years ago

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Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang about 15 years ago

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Updated by Anonymous about 15 years ago

Hi Jean-Philippe, one point mentioned in the description hasn't been addressed. When I receive an e-mail from Redmine, I can see the 'bcc' field with everyone's e-mail addresses in. This field should not be visible in mail clients. When I send e-mails from my mail client ( on OS X), the recipients can't see the bcc field.

The point of using BCC fields is so that e-mail addresses aren't disclosed, but Redmine is disclosing them even when set to use 'bcc'.

Please can this be re-opened as a security issue? Because it means my e-mail address has been disclosed to many users as Redmine has sent out e-mails about tickets I'm interested in.

Thank you

Russell Hind


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