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Extend filter on subject field

Added by loic Le Gallou almost 14 years ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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In order to identify each task, we use an internal code as a prefix of each subject task. Whe we need to display a list of task that match a specific code we use the filter on the subject.

The problem is that there is only type of filter is "contains" that will search the text pattern at any position of the string, so it can happend that a character combination inside the strign match the condition.

Possible solutions:
  • Add a filter type "start with" (like Excel)
  • Add a filter type based on regular expression

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#1 Updated by loic Le Gallou almost 14 years ago

link with #2942

#2 Updated by James H over 8 years ago

Ran into this need today.
Need subject filter to be more flexible and powerful. Just contains is not enough and I need to be able to filter based on multiple subject values, i.e. [Subject1] AND [Subject2] AND [Subject3]
Having OR capability would also be ideal.

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#4 Updated by Go MAEDA over 3 years ago

  • Related to Feature #31879: "starts with" and "ends with" filter operators for string values added

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Closing this issue:

  • "Starts with" and "Ends with" operators are implemented in Redmine 4.1.0 (#31879)
  • "Contains" operator supports multiple search terms since Redmine 5.0.0 (#35764)

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