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Allow deletion of Pending User, not yet activated

Added by Tony Shiffer about 15 years ago. Updated over 13 years ago.

Accounts / authentication
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There should be two delete control's right next to the Activate control for each registered user. These two controls should both delete the registered un-activated user. One control deletes the user and sends an email saying the account request has been declined, the other control deletes the request silently, without sending an email.

Alternately, it should be possible to use a check mark box arrangement where you can select multiple/all pending un activated users for either one of the delete actions (with our without email notification).

Today - robotic attempts to get an account forever occupy the registered user list, making it hard to find valid new user requests. There is no good reason to keep invalid registration attempts in the database forever, and many good reasons to allow their deletion.

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Updated by Eric Davis about 15 years ago

There was a discussion about this here

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Updated by Ammler _ about 15 years ago

This feature could also depend on the type, how someone gets active. We use "selfactivation" over email, so it should also self deletion after the user didn't activate for a settable time, default 48h?

Thas is my opinion for one settings. :-)

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Updated by Bill Richardson about 15 years ago

Hi, new to Redmine...

A necessary addition to the above feature is "resend activation email". I've written account activation systems from scratch for several customers, and there are always users who call/write and say "I didn't get my activation", usually due to spam blocking. Admins need the ability to resend the activation from the pending user record. Otherwise, we have to delete the user and start over, or worse yet, tell the user they're SOL and need to sign up again with a new email address.


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Updated by colin moock about 15 years ago


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Updated by Bill Richardson about 15 years ago

Regarding the 'resending account activation' comment above, I've added a new feature issue to handle further discussion on this topic. I've also included a simple workaround for resending account activations. Find it here:

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Updated by Anthony Cartmell almost 15 years ago


Being able to delete never-activated users would be most useful. If a user is in the "registered" state, they can't have done anything yet: so it must be safe to delete them from the users table, thus freeing up their email address, username, etc. for someone else to use.

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Updated by Bruno Medeiros almost 15 years ago


It's a very necessary feature since public instances of Redmine have a lot of unaccepted users that couldn't be erased.
Is safe to manual delete on database as a workaround?

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Updated by Gauthier Brion over 13 years ago


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Updated by Ammler _ over 13 years ago

I run from time to time those 2 queries:

DELETE FROM tokens WHERE action='register' and created_on < now() - INTERVAL 7 DAY;# 114 row(s) affected.

DELETE FROM users WHERE status=2 and created_on < now() - INTERVAL 7 DAY;# 114 row(s) affected.

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Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang over 13 years ago

  • Category set to Accounts / authentication

Administrators are now able to delete any user (see #6751).
There is no notification for not yet activated users. May be added later.

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Updated by colin moock over 13 years ago

thank you!!


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