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A new redmine link to include issue title

Added by Joe Siponen about 14 years ago. Updated almost 6 years ago.

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This is actually a duplicate of #988 but I cannot seem to be able to re-open that issue so I'll just create it here again and give my reasons as to why I don't think it isn't already resolved.

On our wiki pages where we write our specifications we refer to issues that are in a Specification tracker. It is important to us that we can quickly scan these pages and get an idea of what the outstanding specification 'issues' are about (i.e. without having to hover over each issue just to get the issue's title) . So therefore I often find myself writing long lists of issue ids with entries in the form of:

  • Title of specification issue (#34)

The problem is the extra time it takes to compile such lists because I need to spend time copying and pasting issue subjects from issues to the wiki. Not to mention that when an issue changes its subject I then have to proceed and fix this in the specification wiki as well. Thus, it would be great if there was a way to write issue links that would automatically include the issue subject in the wiki page.

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Related to Redmine - Feature #988: A new redmine link to include issue titleClosed2008-04-03

Is duplicate of Redmine - Patch #29488: ##123 syntax for linking to issues with tracker name and subjectClosedGo MAEDA

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Updated by Jean-Baptiste Barth about 14 years ago

Maybe you could use Eric's wiki_issue_details plugin ? See here for more informations : PluginWikiIssueDetails

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Updated by Felix Schäfer about 14 years ago

See the plugin.

Any particular reason you need list of issues on a wiki page, why not use a custom query?

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Updated by Joe Siponen about 14 years ago

We'll the issue list is great for viewing and managing issues but not for writing and managing a system specification simply because an issue list is not readable as a document. The wiki on the other hand is great for writing full system specifications but doesn't reflect the project's status as issues are closed and, vice versa, the redmine issues does not provide us a good way to know if the system is built to specification. Therefore our specification in the wiki references the development tasks (usually the issues names with a issue link are used as headings in the specification) so that we can see in the wiki specification what parts of the specification has been developed.

The PluginWikiIssueDetails seems to fit well here by making it easier for us to manage the specification so that we don't have to copy paste the name of issues and also because it allows us change the subject of an issue and allow that change to be automatically reflected in our specification.

Actions #4

Updated by Fernando Hartmann about 13 years ago


It can be very useful to have some new tag to show the ticket title, ie , some text in Wiki referring a ticket nowadays only shows the the ticket number, and this force the reader t move the mouse pointer over the number and wait some seconds, to see the tip, it would be much better if the title is showed instead, and, if the user click over the title the ticket is showed.

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Updated by Cassiano Monteiro almost 12 years ago


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Updated by C. X. over 11 years ago

It seems that it isn't working with Redmine 2.x.

The installation breaks with following message:

root:/var/lib/redmine# rake redmine:plugins:migrate RAILS_ENV=production --trace
(in /var/lib/redmine)
  • Invoke redmine:plugins:migrate (first_time)
  • Invoke environment (first_time)
  • Execute environment
    rake aborted!
    no such file to load -- dispatcher
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Updated by Bintintan Andrei over 10 years ago

Looking for this feature since 2 Hours, then I found this plugin. It works quite well.

There is another plugin which is not maintained anymore... probably it should be removed

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Updated by Go MAEDA almost 6 years ago

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A very similar feature was implemented by #29488.

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Updated by Go MAEDA almost 6 years ago

  • Is duplicate of Patch #29488: ##123 syntax for linking to issues with tracker name and subject added

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