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Spend time and Activity enhancement

Added by Maxim Krušina over 15 years ago. Updated about 1 month ago.

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We have trouble using Activity field when reporting spent time on issues. There is one global setting for whole redmine,
which sets the default value for Activity. Because users are lazy by nature, the very often forget to change Activity
to corresponding state. As a result, we have tons of hours with "Accounting" value.

My suggestions (important):
  • Allow to clear default value for Activity in Admin/Enumerations, so the default activity can be blank
  • Add settings to config, if the Activity field can be left blank or not. For is important "required" state,
    so if user will add his/her time, the default value of Activity will be blank. If user will forget to select corresponding
    activity, "Spent time" form will cannot be saved, until user select some Activity.
  • Add "Default activity" to "My account" page, so user can set his/her default activity from defined
    list. This will be very handy, because lot of users are doing only one kind of activity.

Another ideas to future:

We can expand this behavior to more scenarios. We can create "Default activity" field
in Administration/Users/Userconfigpage, so admin will be able to select default user Activity. There can be also field:
Allow user to set his default Activity - this can be also build-in in Roles and Permissions config.

The last idea: admin can have privilege to set each user (or role?) his/her activities from which user can choose. For
example we have now something like 20 different activities. It can be nice to set to each user/role? sub-list of activities
from which user can choose. This will help users when selecting activity by redicing long list to just a few items,
and it also allows admins to have more controll on Users and their activities and it will prevent users to use unallowe
activities (so coder will not be payed for consulting)...

Ufff, any other ideas?


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