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List all users/roles who will be notified by an issue create/update and allow selection

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There are lots of feature issues to do with trying to limit the amount of emails redmine send out and I think its fair to say the current default config is email heavy. Also not all the tools/settings are quite developed enough to allow everyone to configure emails the way they want - hence all the feature requests. I would suggest lots of people would like email notification to be a bit more granuala and transparent from the UI

Related email issues #6390 #6229 #5862 (and there are no doubt more...)

I suggest that the issue creation and update forms always list exactly which users and or roles will be notified by email so that its obvious who is getting an email.

Then as a further refinement allow users to untick some recipients from this list of email recipients. (its already possible to add new people via watchers I believe). This would mean that users can put loads of info/updates to an issue without worrying about spamming everyone and I suggest the number of unnecessary emails sent by redmine would be dramatically reduced

It would also make sense that this option can be disabled/enabled by admin/roles so the current email behaviour of notifications could be maintained if desired.

I think this would dramatically reduce unnecessary emails sent (if used sensibly!), and reduce the need for most other feature requests dealing with controlling email notifications.


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Sorry - please assign category email notifications - or allow issue creators to!

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it's a good idea.

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I would agree that some improvments are needed with the notification system.

Here is a comment from a member of my team shortly after we deployed Redmine for wider testing.
"I thought I was drowning in email before, but Redmine notifies me about everything. How do I control what I get email notifications about?"

Our code review tool has four settings of notification:
- any activity
- activity by the author
- file level activity
- someone pokes me

Some controls along those lines for issues could be:
- any activity
- activity by the author
- only on "significant" change. e.g. status/tracker/project change or file attachment
- only when the updater selects notify all as part of the update process. e.g. have the submit button and a "submit and notify" button?


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