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non admin closing/freeze (archive) and reopen projects

Added by Daniel Herrera over 13 years ago. Updated almost 12 years ago.

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Due a big number of active projects, a great feature should be the close/freeze and reopen projects by the project leader. This way, each project leader can manage and handle their own projects without seeing all the active projects as administrators. This feature is based on an automanaged system where the project leaders becomes a part of the system administration.
The features #3640 and #5541 are related somehow to this feature.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

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Is duplicate of Redmine - Feature #3640: Freeze / Close ProjectsClosedJean-Philippe Lang2009-07-20

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Updated by Jean-Baptiste Barth over 13 years ago

Sounds like a good idea. I don't think it would be that hard to implement in a plugin though.

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Updated by Daniel Herrera over 13 years ago

It seems become popular give the Project Manager (PM) some administrator features. Collecting some open issues related (#3640, #5541, #7100 and #7118), the Project Manager should do:

  • Open Projects (already working)
  • Close Projects
  • Freeze Projects (as a not mandatory step before closing a project)
  • Browse Projects Archived
  • Reopen Archived/Freezed Projects
  • Copy/Clone Projects

Due the Redmine can handle a plenty of variety of projects, the PM could know anything about system administration, installation or configuration, so it is important to establish the roles as flexible as possible with the aim of an automanaged system. If the PM can do the list described above, then Redmine will become an automanaged system, free of the system administrator to manage the begining and end of projects.

I've used Redmine in Engineer/Construction, and in this case the PM's wants to open/close/reopen/freeze/copy projects as part of his/her responsability. I hope this help to improve Redmine features.

If a plugin can be done, then I'll like to promote it somehow!

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Updated by Daniel Herrera over 13 years ago

Is it possible to add this feature request as part of an Unplanned version?

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Updated by Nathanael Waite over 13 years ago


This would be a feature we would support.

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Updated by Daniel Herrera almost 13 years ago

I found a solution using project tree plugins. What I did was create a parent project which contains the "closed" project, and stablish a role permision to the PM in order to check the colsed issues. Also the PM can "reopen" the project moving it out from the parent project.
If someone wants more detail on this solution I'll happy to help.

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Updated by Eric Voisard over 12 years ago


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Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang almost 12 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed
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Same as #3640 planned for 2.1.0.

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Updated by Mischa The Evil about 7 years ago

  • Related to deleted (Feature #7118: Possibility to allow users to copy a project)

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