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Add a "Notify these users:" option when creating and updating isses.

Added by Ale Muñoz about 15 years ago. Updated about 14 years ago.

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It would be nice to have an option to notify selected users when creating/updating issues.

Usually, when you are updating an issue you want to notify the person that created it, the developer that is working on it and the Project Manager, but now the only user that receives a notificacion is the one the issue is assigned to.

This limitation is (IMHO) quite severe. I know we're not using it internally because of this issue.

For a nice looking sample of how to do this properly, take a look at the "Post a new message" page in Basecamp.

Related issues

Is duplicate of Redmine - Feature #398: Watcher list when new issueClosed

Actions #1

Updated by Thomas Löber about 15 years ago

I second your request.

It relates to #398 and #515.

Actions #2

Updated by Maxim Krušina about 15 years ago

I'm still missing this feature a lot! Voting again!

PS: this feature I'm mising most after we switched from Trac...

Actions #3

Updated by Jim Mulholland about 15 years ago

I just added ticket #911 which is asking for the same functionality in the Forums.

Actions #4

Updated by Thomas Löber about 15 years ago

There could be a permission "Add watchers" so this feature can be granted to certain roles only.

Actions #5

Updated by Thomas Lecavelier about 15 years ago

Thank you for pointing out the related issues. I linked them to this issue.

Actions #6

Updated by Thomas Löber about 15 years ago

So how can the UI for this feature look like?

My idea is to do it the same way as the "Related issues" feature:

On the page issues/show/:id:
  • a box "Watchers" below "Related issues" contaning the current watchers with a delete icon for each one,
  • inside the "Watchers" box an Add link which displays a dropdown list with all project members and an Add button on the right of the list.

What do you think?

Actions #7

Updated by Daniel N about 15 years ago

Yes, that would be great. Mantis does it like that (hope I remember correctly).

Actions #8

Updated by Maxim Krušina almost 15 years ago

Thomas Löber> I think this is good idea.

There should be also new user rights:
  • Add other users to watch issues
  • Edit other users watched issues
  • Delete other users watched issues

Also, is enough to use registered users for watch, or also create watch for non-registered users by adding them not from select by directly typing email into add filed? Watched users can be divided into Registered and non registered (registered will be chosen from select box, non-registered by typing email adress into text field). It's just my idea, I think that our company will be happy with watching for registered users inly, what others think?

Actions #9

Updated by Thomas Löber almost 15 years ago

Limiting watchers to registered users would fit into the current watcher model which has a belongs_to :user relationship.

Do the users who will be added as watchers have to be a member of the current project?

Actions #10

Updated by Maxim Krušina almost 15 years ago

IMHO, I think that limiting to registered users is ok for now.

Actions #11

Updated by Chris Platts almost 15 years ago

Glad to see this feature's on the radar. I'm another ex-Trac user who's migrated their project management to Redmine and I'm missing this feature somewhat.

Thomas Eccard Löber/Maxim Krušina: I agree. Trac's implementation of this feature left something to be desired. Simply having a CC: textfield isn't great usability. But being able to simply pick from a list of registered users would be great.


Actions #12

Updated by Leszek Ciesielski almost 15 years ago

+1 to Thomas Löber's idea for the UI. Trac, Mantis, Bugzilla, Jira - all have this feature, and frankly, I was a bit surprised not to find it in Redmine. It's not a stopper, but it is very useful. And for projects with public-accessible Redmine it has the benefit of showing the 'hot' items (the ones that community needs most) simply by counting the number of watchers, without the need to spam the comments list (e.g. Jira allows sorting issues by number of watchers).

Actions #13

Updated by Jędrzej Sieracki almost 15 years ago

Just pinging the issue to notify all concerned parties of another member with full support for the matter :)
Maxim's new rights proposition would nicely complement the feature..

Actions #14

Updated by Pascal Menut over 14 years ago

+1 for the Thomas Löber's UI proposal.

It's a really important feature for me too.

Actions #15

Updated by Sepp _ over 14 years ago

+1 from me.... this is the only really missed feature since our move from bugzilla to redmine

Actions #16

Updated by Jean-Philippe Lang about 14 years ago

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