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33530RedmineDefectNewRemoving repository unlinks issues from changesets for all projects2020-05-30 18:15Issues
33529RedmineDefectNewNew issue / updating issue email notification receiving delay....2020-05-30 11:38Email notifications
33524RedmineDefectNewCandidate Name Change issue2020-05-29 14:55Documentation
33521RedminePatchNewUse issue path instead of bulk update issues path when using the context menu with only one issue selected2020-05-28 17:51Issues
33514RedmineDefectNewAssigning and updating the issue is giving permision error.2020-05-27 22:36Issues
33502RedmineDefectNewIssue field labels for fields with descriptions are missing styling on issues show view.2020-05-27 04:10UI
33490RedmineFeatureNewAdd a project query filter for "Subproject of"/"Parent project" with operator "contains"2020-05-25 22:22Projects
33486RedmineFeatureNewWhen copying the task, I want to reflect the version change of the main task in the version of the subtask2020-05-26 13:50
33472RedmineFeatureNewNew right: Administration view2020-05-22 10:24Administration
33459RedmineDefectConfirmedThe order of thumbnails of files attached to notes does not match the order of file name list2020-05-24 07:24Attachments
33458RedmineDefectNewThe display of Forums tab of the project settings is broken2020-05-24 14:28
33457RedminePatchNewCroatian translations for v4.1.12020-05-16 23:38Translations
33453RedminePatchNewAdd plugin CSS classes to plugin settings views2020-05-30 12:29Plugin API
33450RedmineDefectNewNotification Emails cut off due to SMTP protocol specificies2020-05-15 15:18Email notifications
33445RedmineFeatureNewAbility to set default start/due date via the CLI for issues created by the MailHandler2020-05-15 02:59Email receiving
33440RedminePatchNewEmails not being processed because of 2020-05-13 18:31Email receiving
33432RedmineDefectConfirmedRendering of Macros with (empty) text parameter different in preview and non preview mode2020-05-26 02:39Text formatting
33431RedminePatchNewBetter performance for Time entries without issue and activity filters2020-05-12 16:24Performance
33427RedmineDefectNewUpgrading Ubuntu from 16.04 to 18.042020-05-17 22:22Administration
33426RedmineDefectNewError messages of Wiki macros are not internationalized2020-05-12 11:55I18n
33425RedmineFeatureNewAuto complete wiki macros2020-05-24 14:34UI
33422RedmineFeatureNewRe-implement admin project list using ProjectQuery system2020-05-08 22:50Administration
33420RedmineDefectNeeds feedbackParent wrongly translated to "subproject of"2020-05-09 04:14Translations
33419RedmineDefectConfirmedSubtasks' project on new issue form2020-05-16 05:23Issues
33418RedminePatchNewIssue relation bulk create2020-05-16 04:20

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