What's new in trunk: Subtasking

Added by Jean-Philippe Lang over 13 years ago

Subtasking, one of the most requested features was committed in trunk a few weeks ago (r3573, r3618).

To start adding subtasks, you need to enable the new 'Manage subtasks' permission. Then, go to an existing issue and hit 'Add' in the subtasks section. Priority, start and due dates, progress, estimate, spent time are automatically rolled-up to parent issues.

The gantt chart was adjusted to display the issue hierachy:

A 'Parent task' column can be added to the issue list. Sorting by this column will make the issue list display the issue tree as well.

This new feature will be part of Redmine 1.0.0 (RC) release.


Added by Mike Ozornin over 13 years ago

Hello, that's great! Glad to hear it.

Is trunk version subtasking compatible with subtask plugin or not? Is it possible to migrate from «plugin's subtasking» to redmine native? If it possible we will be glad to migrate from some 0.9 version to latest trunk.

Added by Jean-Philippe Lang over 13 years ago

No, the core implementation is not database compatible with the subtask plugin. A migration script is still feasible.

Added by Robert Schneider over 13 years ago

Yes, great thing! Redmine rocks!

In conjunction with this featuer, please have also a look at my suggestion: #5214.

Added by Matthew Connerton over 13 years ago

This is fantastic and if 1.0 is scheduled for 3 months from now, I would rather not install subtasks and have to migrate to core in 3 months.

The roadmap for 1.0 shows only feature requests left over. Would it be "safe" to upgrade my 0.9.3 to trunk so I can have the current features, and then upgrade to 1.0 later?

Added by Lars P. over 13 years ago

This is absolutely brilliant - this feature rocks. Cannot wait till version 1. :-)

Added by Alex Last over 13 years ago

I hope it will work properly with time tracking. See bug #5265 - wrong numbers are shown for linked tasks in "Roadmap" view.

Added by Oleg Volkov over 13 years ago

In my opinion, if TASK is closed, should be closed all subtask.

Added by William Wedin over 13 years ago

I noticed that when a child task appears immediately below the parent task on the issue list, it displays with a nice gray wedge arrow to indicate its child status. Is there a way to make child issues always "magnetize" to the parent issue this way?

I realize that could cause all kinds of weirdness when there's a grouping on the listing and the child and parent are in separate groups. But really, I'd be okay with subtask clustering not working all the time, as long as I can get the nicer rendering more often than I currently do.

Does this feature already exist, or should I put in a feature request? I searched, and found that #5483 might be related, but it seems to be a little more specific.