Redmine 3.0.0 and 2.6.2 released

Added by Jean-Philippe Lang about 9 years ago

I'm pleased to announce that the new feature release Redmine 3.0.0 is available for download.

This new version brings several improvements to the search engine (it's now much faster and includes new search options) and many new features: default issue status per tracker, multiple emails per user, ability to edit attachment descriptions and more. It now runs with the latest Rails 4.2.0 and ruby 1.8 is no longer supported. Redmine 3.0.0 requires ruby 1.9.3 or higher (and now supports ruby 2.2).

A bit of cleanup was done in the issues permissions system now that the workflow permission setting gives full control over editable or read-only fields. The `Move issues` permission is gone, you just need to set the project field as read-only if you don't want the users to be able to move issues. The behaviour that allowed users to edit a few issue properties if a status transition is allowed (even if these users don't have the `Edit issues` permission) is also dropped: the `Edit issues` is now required to change an issue status.

Redmine 2.6.2 is a maintenance relase that fixes several issues.

You can review the list of all changes in the Changelog.

Security: these new releases also fix a potential XSS vulnerability in flash messages rendering, discovered by Holger Just. If you're running 2.4, 2.5 or 2.6 and is not able to update, you can manually apply the attached patch that will fix this issue.

flash_message_xss_fix.patch (1.87 KB) flash_message_xss_fix.patch Jean-Philippe Lang, 2015-02-19 20:52


Added by Deoren Moor about 9 years ago

Awesome, thanks for the new release! We've been looking forward to many of the new features.

Added by Rupesh J about 9 years ago

Great News!!!!
Can we have some tips and tricks for the plugin developments, migration consideration for plugins making it suitable for rails 4.2 ?

Added by Scott Macpherson about 9 years ago

Fantastic news guys. Can't wait to try out the new features!

Added by sebastien lemaitre about 9 years ago

Super! Thanks for your work!

Added by Pavel Potcheptsov about 9 years ago

Thank you very much.

Added by Omer Arslan about 9 years ago

Big thanks to all developers.

Added by Viktor Berke about 9 years ago

Thanks for Redmine 3. Upgrade was a breeze, as always. It involved a few extra steps, but nothing special. CentOS users may want to read my notes: Redmine 3 on CentOS 7

Added by Robert Schneider about 9 years ago

Thank you for all.
And thank you Viktor Berke for your notes.