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Implementation of a Issue Voting

Added by Daniel Felix about 11 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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Like in #6945 described (but not only for ...

It would be nice to have a ticket voting like in the most popular ticket systems (+1).

This is very useful to define which issue / request has the most backup from the community/customers.
It would be also very nice to have a little overview of all users which have voted for implementation.

A user should...
... be able to vote for an issue
... remove his vote from an issue
... see which other users had voted for this issue

What do you thing about it?

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Related to Redmine - Feature #6945: Add a voting system to help users help admins identify popular features/defectsNewJean-Philippe Lang2010-11-19

Is duplicate of Redmine - Feature #1011: Add voting to ticketsNew2008-04-07

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Updated by Daniel Felix almost 11 years ago

What do you think, is this a good idea for an implementation?

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Updated by Jerzy Kopiec almost 11 years ago

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Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA almost 11 years ago

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Updated by Tilman Kalckhoff over 10 years ago

Sounds brilliant. Having this in would make Redmine much more usable for groups with bigger communities who tend to work on several projects at the same time.

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Updated by Maxim Krušina over 10 years ago

+1 (LOL)

Exact behaviour should be configured via roles:

  • Voting
    • Manage voting
    • Can vote
    • View votes

And voting should be enabled by...?
Seems logical per tracker (doesn't make sense vote for bugs)
It should be enabled per project (there will be some projects without voting at all).

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Updated by Deoren Moor over 9 years ago

+1 ;)

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Updated by @ go2null about 9 years ago

Isn't this a Duplicate of (rather than Related to) #6945?

(Just trying to clean up my Watched issues :-))

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Updated by Robert Pollak about 9 years ago

No, it's a duplicate of #1011.

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Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA about 9 years ago

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Robert Pollak wrote:

No, it's a duplicate of #1011.

Thank you for your pointing.

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