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Subproject filter do not work

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I try filter issues of my project by subproject. But this does not work for me. Redmine ignores this filter and shows all issues for both project and subproject.

Screenshot_4.jpg (44.2 KB) Ewan Makepeace, 2009-01-29 09:01

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Please read SubmittingBugs.

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Jean-Philippe what was the point of your note? Do you mean that we should avoid duplicates (I cant find one) or that you need version numbers?
I have Redmine 0.7.devel.1249 (MySQL)

Attached is my issue list filtered for a specific subproject but it still includes the parent issues:

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Jean-Philippe what was the point of your note?

There are some guidelines for submitting a bug. I'd appreciate that users take a few more seconds to provide the requested information. That's it. Sometimes, I just waste half an hour trying to reproduce a problem without success just because of some missing information.

Anyway, this is not a bug but a design choice.

Say you have project A with 3 subprojects B, C and D.

Subproject filter = 'none' => lists issues of A only
Subproject filter = B => lists issues of A and B

If you want to see issues of B only, go to project B issue list.

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Documentation of this design needs to be added to the wiki. Assigned to remember it...

edit: also added the "precedes" relation to issue #3952

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