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requires_redmine_plugin should defer loading plugins if not all dependencies are met

Added by Tim Felgentreff over 13 years ago. Updated 10 months ago.

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requires_redmine_plugin is a nice facility to track inter-plugin dependencies, however, it is useless if I do not want (or cannot) rename plugins I depend on.

I propose that plugins are deferred and loaded at a later time, if possible.
See attached patch for a proposed solution.


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Actions #1

Updated by Tim Felgentreff over 13 years ago

Remove debugger code

Actions #2

Updated by Tim Felgentreff over 13 years ago

Also, for some reason, the patch I posted doesn't apply with git am. So if you use that, here's one that does. (No code changes)

Actions #3

Updated by Tim Felgentreff over 13 years ago

Just found a bug with my patch where the asset directory wasn't set properly. Changed it to not replace the rails plugin locator, but use Redmine's in addition to the default one. This probably nicer, anyway, in case people want to add locators themselves. In the new implementation, the Redmine plugin locator doesn't load anything, but is only for querying the Rails plugin search path.

Actions #4

Updated by Eric Davis over 13 years ago

  • Target version set to Unplanned backlogs
Actions #5

Updated by Eric Davis about 13 years ago

  • Assignee deleted (Eric Davis)

I am stepping down from working on Redmine. If someone else is interesting in working on this issue, feel free to reassign it to them.

Eric Davis

Actions #6

Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA over 12 years ago

Actions #7

Updated by Massimo Rossello about 10 years ago

For anyone not willing to patch the core, not requiring an end user to manage his environment.rb, I found the following workaround to be prepended on the dependent plugin's init.rb:

dep = File.join(Rails.root,'plugins','<plugin name>')
ActiveSupport::Dependencies.autoload_paths += [File.join(dep, 'lib')]
require_dependency File.join(dep, 'init')

Actions #8

Updated by Jean-Baptiste Barth over 9 years ago

Sorry to be late at the party, but I'd like this issue solved as it bothers me from time to time.

I find Tim's proposed implementation a bit complex (and the one integrated in chiliproject is even more complex) where all we'd have to do is defer the requirement check until the end of Redmine::Plugin.load method. Sure it's not as evolved but I think it should be enough.

Here's a proposed patch, I'd like to hear some opinions before committing it, and if you see obvious advantages to Tim's/Chiliproject's approach, let me know.

Actions #9

Updated by Vincent Robert over 9 years ago

It seems to be the simplest fix, straight-forward and easy to understand.
The other implementations, much more complex, are error-prone processes in my opinion.

Actions #10

Updated by Michael Krupp about 8 years ago

As this issue seems to make no real progress in any direction, I implemented Jean-Baptiste's Patch as a plugin.
Just save them as plugins/000_pluginloader/init.rb and plugins/zzz_pluginloader/init.rb. done.

Actions #11

Updated by Mischa The Evil over 7 years ago

  • Has duplicate Feature #23131: Plugin load order defined by inter-plugin dependencies added
Actions #12

Updated by Michael Krupp over 7 years ago

Just a quick update: I merged the two plugin-files into one standalone plugin by abusing the mirror_assets method call in the redmine initializer. This plugin does not change the load order of plugins - it only defers the dependency check, as suggested in #6324-8

Actions #13

Updated by Massimo Rossello over 5 years ago

Following approach is simple and does work. Applied in my_plugin's init.rb to check a dependency dependency_plugin.
The check happens after all plugins have been registered.

Rails.configuration.to_prepare do
    Redmine::Plugin.find(:my_plugin).requires_redmine_plugin :dependency_plugin, :version_or_higher => '1.0.0'

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