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This page should serve as a first step towards a real-life meetup of Redmine contributors, plugin developers, users, and general enthusiasts.


Have a first, then hopefully regular, meetups where we can meet in person, discuss, share ideas and code.


To be determined. General socializing and meeting in person would be great. Additionally, we could have the following:

  • general Hacking, inspired SuperHappyDevHouse
  • Bugmash
  • Talks about Plugins, Use Cases, or other Redmine-related stuff, inspired by Barcamp


Please enter your name if you'd generally like to attend. As we have no place and date set yet, this is just a general list to gather interest and maybe see which place we should host the event at.

Real name Nickname Location Can come to the U.S.? Can come to the E.U.?
Jan Schulz-Hofen yeahrock Berlin, Germany yes yes
Muntek Singh khalsa Houston, TX, USA yes maybe
Holger Just meineerde Berlin, Germany maybe yes
Felix Schäfer thegcat Dortmund, Germany, EU maybe yes
Jochen Hayek Jochen_Hayek Berlin, Germany maybe yes
Eric Davis edavis10 Portland, OR, USA yes maybe
Mischa The Evil Mischa_The_Evil Amsterdam, The Netherlands no maybe
Daniel Schuba dasch Bochum, Germany no yes


To be determined. Fall 2010?


To be determined. Hopefully, we can get an idea on the geographic once people have started entering their names in the list of participants. For now, the following people have offered a location to host the event:

Name Venue Location
James Turnbull Puppet Labs Office Portland, OR, USA
Jan Schulz-Hofen ROCKET RENTALS/Planio Office Berlin, Germany

Costs & Accomodation

Not clear yet. Maybe, some of the companies which earn money with Redmine can pitch in here and sponsor/cover some of the cost involved? I guess, for accomodation, we could use airbnb or CouchSurfing to keep costs low. Maybe local participants can also host a guest or two.

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