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Move files and documets to another project

Added by Anonymous over 13 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Like issues, it will be cool to switch document from one project to an other.
If we can do that massively, it will be more cool :)

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Actions #1

Updated by Mark Anderson over 13 years ago

Might be nice to be able to either MOVE or COPY those documents. Sometimes we may want multiple non-related projects to have access to some common documents.

Actions #2

Updated by Darryl Winder over 13 years ago

+1 , same goes for files and moving files between wiki pages

Actions #3

Updated by Gregory Fox about 13 years ago

I agree. This would help us greatly.

Actions #4

Updated by Pedro Gutierrez about 13 years ago

This is related to #5664

Actions #5

Updated by Paul Merlin almost 13 years ago

Seems like a must have when you need to refactor a redmine setup that is years old and has plenty of them ...

Actions #6

Updated by Andy Bolstridge almost 13 years ago

and also related to #5450

Actions #7

Updated by Paolo Montrasio over 12 years ago

This would be useful also on new project.
I ofter start with a single wiki page and divide it into more pages as the project goes on and the development team understand which structure is more appropriate for the wiki.
I just created a new page and had to move attachments from the home to there. I googled how to do it and found this feature request.
I eventually did it by changing the container_id attribute in the attachments table.
As a reference, here is what you need to do to move one attachment from one page to another.

select * from projects where identifier = '...';
select * from wikis where project_id = ...;
select * from wiki_pages where wiki_id = ... and title = '...'; -- the source page
select * from wiki_pages where wiki_id = ... and title = '...'; -- the destination page
select * from attachments where container_id = ...; -- the source page id from wiki_pages
update attachments set container_id = ... where id = ...; -- the destination page id and the attachment id
Actions #8

Updated by Anonymous over 9 years ago

Anything new on this feature-request? This would be a very useful feature: when a project grows and you allow additional users to co-work you might wish to move documents to a restricted-access sub-project.

Actions #9

Updated by Robert Schneider almost 8 years ago


How can I do this manually? Just updating the document table? Has anyone done that?

Actions #10

Updated by Go MAEDA over 7 years ago

Actions #11

Updated by Kamil . over 6 years ago

+1! Wee need this feature as well!

Actions #12

Updated by Stefan Busemann about 6 years ago

+1 would be great to have it

Actions #13

Updated by Vladimir Gorin over 4 years ago

+1 Will be cool to have one file in the redmine for the different projects.

For now users downloading files from one project and then uploading back to another one.
will be great to use attachment: through all projects and for the files have option like private or cross project available by direct mention through "attachment:"


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