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Email all users

Added by Matthew Burton almost 13 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

Email notifications
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It would be nice if the administrator were able to email all account holders via the admin panel. This would come in handy when major changes are made, system upgrades/maintenance lies ahead, etc.

How this would work:

Go to Administration > Settings > Email Notifications
Under the Email Footer box, another box is entitled "Email All Users". Admins can type a message into this box, then click a "Send message" button. This sends the typed message to all registered users, along with the predefined email header and footer.

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Actions #1

Updated by K. Scott Tripp over 12 years ago

I agree... this would be a useful feature. It should bypass all email notification settings in the users accounts too, or at least have the option to do so.

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Updated by K. Scott Tripp over 12 years ago

Seems to fit the bill exactly.

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Updated by Sam Warns almost 12 years ago

This plugin seems not to work in the sense that I want to notify all users of all projects.
I have to pick a project, to which the mail is going. Even if I multiselect all projects, only the top one's users receive the mail.
Is there any other known plugin for that?

Actions #5

Updated by Pierre de LESPINAY almost 11 years ago

I think this should be attached to the users/groups admin interfaces.
We should be able to check groups, users or projects to email them.
Could be useful for service emails for example.

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Updated by Daniele Pedroni about 10 years ago

I agree with Matthew, this would be a really helpful feature, and it doesn't look like a tough one...
An implementation would be appreciated!

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Updated by sch uess about 10 years ago


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Updated by Christian Bader about 10 years ago

+ 1

There is a workaround for a smaller group of users

1. Goto Administration --> Users
2. Copy the user table to Excel
3. Delete all rows other than the email row
4. Add a ; behind the email row --> Douple click the cross on the right site of the cell to copy it down until the end of the data
5. Copy the two cells to Outlook and click on "Check Names"

This works fine in our environment and does not take too long.

Anyway: I agree,that this is a good functionality.

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Updated by claude g almost 10 years ago


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Updated by Renzo Dani about 9 years ago


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Updated by Toshi MARUYAMA almost 9 years ago

  • Related to Feature #4864: Global statistics about Redmine usage added
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Updated by Kevin Palm over 8 years ago


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Updated by Benjamin Schunn almost 8 years ago


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Updated by Erik Boehm almost 8 years ago

Is there something going on regarding this feature ? Would be very useful.

Actions #15

Updated by Aleksandar Pavic about 6 years ago

This plugin confirmed to work with Redmine 3.3.3...

Actions #16

Updated by Vasili Korol over 3 years ago

We use "News" when it is necessary to notify the users about something. In that case, everyone will get an email, if email notifications are configured to be sent on added news. Isn't it enough?


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