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Redmine theme list

This is a directory of the available themes for Redmine, sorted in an alphabetical order. The information listed in the respective theme entry fields is described in the legend at the end of this page. General information about Redmine themes and how to install them into your Redmine can be found on Themes.


A1 theme

AG-1 Theme

AG-2 Theme

AG-3 Theme

AG-3CO Theme

AdminsQ3 theme

Alternate theme

ArchLinux theme

Aurora theme

Axiom theme


Basecamp theme

  • Basecamp is a Redmine-port of 37signals® Basecamp® theme.
    • Author: _Peter Theill_
    • Latest release: n/a, 2009-07-17
    • Compatible with: Redmine 0.8.x & Redmine Trunk
    • Public SCM: n/a
    • Public ITS: n/a
    • Screen shot: Image

Basecamp Persian theme

Redmine Bootstrap


Classic theme

CM - Red theme


Default theme



E - G

no entries



I - K

no entries


Libernix-redmine-ecoblue theme

Libernix-redmine-ecogreen theme

Libernix-redmine-ecoorange theme

Libernix-redmine-ecopurple theme

Libernix-redmine-ecored theme

Libernix-redmine-ecoyellow theme


Modula Martini

Modula Mojito

Modula Gitlab

N - O

no entries



Pixel Cookers theme


no entries


Red-Andy theme

Redjourn theme


SP theme

Squeejee theme

  • Squeejee is a dark-theme showing Redmine's theme-capabilities.

T - V

no entries


Watersky theme

X - Z

no entries

Redmine theme list legend

A sample of a complete themelist entry in Redmine syntax (where << and >> are used as a replacement for the square brackets to prevent parsing by Redmine) looks like this:

h3. Default theme

* <<ThemeDefault|Default>> the default Redmine theme (included).
** Author: "_Jean-Philippe Lang_":/users/1
** Latest release: _<code>n/a</code>, 2009-07-10
** Compatible with: _Redmine 0.8.x & Redmine Trunk_
** Public SCM: _
** Public ITS: _
  • Every theme-entry starts with an heading h3
  • This previous heading is followed by a bulleted list item containing a short description of the theme starting with the name of the theme which links to an announcement on the forums or a dedicated wiki-page on
  • After the previous list item we now have several bulleted sub-list items containing:
    • the author of the theme with a link to the profile page if the user is registered at
    • an optional field containing the active maintainer of the theme, with a link to the profile page if the user is registered at, if the theme is mostly maintained by another person than the (initial) author
    • the latest release of the theme plus it's release-date, where the release-date is the date of the latest commit if the theme author does not provide packages or git-tags of releases ánd does not update the theme-version after every commit
    • the Redmine releases which the theme is compatible with (currently the only two values filled-in are 0.8.x and Trunk) ** a link to the public SCM system for the theme (if it exists, otherwise n/a)
    • a link to the (dedicated, so no links to forum-threads on public ITS for the theme (if it exists, otherwise n/a)

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