Patch #31355

Bookmarks and recently used projects for the project jump box

Added by Jens Krämer 7 days ago. Updated 17 minutes ago.

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This patch aims to make the project jump box (project selector in top right corner) more useful especially for installations / users with many projects.

  • adds a bookmarking feature to the project overview page
    • users can bookmark any project they have access to
    • bookmarked projects will be rendered in a separate section in the jump box, on the top.
  • the 3 most recently used projects will be rendered in a second section of the jump box. That number may be changed in the user's account preferences
    • bookmarked projects are excluded from that list
  • the last section of the jump box holds any other projects that would have been rendered in the jump box originally but are not already shown in one of the previous sections.
  • all 3 sections will be filtered according to a given query string in the search box
  • favorites and other projects lists are rendered as trees, recently used projects as a flat list ordered by time of last use
  • recently used and bookmarked projects are stored as serialized arrays of project IDs in the user preferences.

0001-adds-favorites-and-recently-used-projects-lists-to-p.patch Magnifier (22.6 KB) Jens Krämer, 2019-05-13 09:32

jumpbox.png (10.3 KB) Jens Krämer, 2019-05-13 09:35

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#1 Updated by Go MAEDA 7 days ago

  • Target version set to Candidate for next major release

#2 Updated by Go MAEDA 7 days ago

  • Related to Patch #31356: replace icon-fav with icon-user for 'my projects' added

#3 Updated by Go MAEDA 6 days ago

I like this change. Users generally be a member of many projects, but the projects they usually use is not so many. With this change, they can quickly go to the project they are currently working on.

#4 Updated by Bernhard Rohloff 17 minutes ago

I've tried the patch and it makes project switching very fast and easy. A really great improvement for Redmine!

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