Redmine 4.2.0 released

Added by Marius BALTEANU almost 2 years ago

I am very happy to announce that Redmine 4.2.0 is now available for download. This new version brings more than 190 changes including some long awaited features.

Here are the highlights:

Authentication / User accounts
  • You can now enable two-factor authentication as an extra security layer for your account (#1237 by Felix Schäfer).
  • Admins can now configure which email domains are allowed or not for user accounts (#3369 by Yuichi HARADA).
  • User accounts can now be imported from CSV (#33102 by Takenori TAKAKI).
  • Notify users about high issues (only) (#32628 by Jan Schulz-Hofen): This new option from My account allows users to receive email notifications for issues that have a high priority even if they're not assigned to or watching it.

  • Bulk addition of related issues (#33418 by Dmitry Makurin): You can now add multiple related issues by providing a list of comma separated issue ids or by selecting them from the autocomplete.
  • Query links for subtasks on issue page (#28471 by Bernhard Rohloff): The list of subtasks from the issue page contains now the total number of subtasks (open/closed) with links to issues page.

  • Show warning and the reason when the issue cannot be closed because of open subtasks or blocking open issue(s) (#31589): by showing the reason, users will be less confused.

  • Groups can be added as watchers for issues (#4511 by Yuichi HARADA).
  • Forum threads can now be watched (#3390 by Yuichi HARADA).
  • Watchers that are not going to receive a notification because they watch a non visible object (for ex: issue) are now marked in the UI as invalid (#33329).
Text formatting:
  • New toolbar button to insert a table (#1575 by Mizuki ISHIKAWA and Hiroyuki ENDO).

  • Wiki table column sorting (#1718 by Takenori TAKAKI).
  • Languages in Highlighted code button in toolbar are now customizable by each user (#32528 by Mizuki ISHIKAWA).

Keyboard shortcuts:
  • Switch between Edit/Preview tabs using ⌘/Ctrl + Shift + P (#30459).
  • Bold, italic and underline text using ⌘/Ctrl + b, ⌘/Ctrl + i and ⌘/Ctrl + u (#34549).
  • Submit a form using Ctrl+Enter / Command+Return (#29473 by Mizuki ISHIKAWA).

Activity improvements:
UI options to filter activities by date (#1422 by Mizuki ISHIKAWA) or by user (#33602 by Mizuki ISHIKAWA). Slight design improvements (#33692 by Mizuki ISHIKAWA).

Another nice features:
  • Download all attachments at once (#7056 by Mizuki ISHIKAWA).
  • Auto complete wiki page links (#33820 by Mizuki ISHIKAWA): use "[[" to trigger the inline autocomplete.

  • Auto-select fields mapping in Importing (#22913 by Haihan Ji, Yuichi HARADA).
  • Fields with validation errors are now highlighted (#32764).

And don't forget to check the many other improvements brought by this new release in the Changelog.
Many thanks to Go MAEDA, Bernhard Rohloff and all the contributors who made this release happen!

table_button.png (25.4 KB) Marius BALTEANU, 2021-03-27 20:55

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Great news and thanks for the amazing work you do.

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I'm so glad!
Thanks to all Redmine developers for their contributions!

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You are the best!

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Great Job, Marius!
The screenshots are easy to understand.

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Thank you all! :)

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Thanks a lot

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Hello Marius,
do you know when the Docker image will be available ?

Thanks :)

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Seems it's not so far away. The Docker community is already working on it.

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Nice work