Redmine 5.0.0, 4.2.5 and 4.1.7 released

Added by Marius BĂLTEANU about 2 years ago

I'm very happy to announce that Redmine 5.0.0 has been released. The new version ships more than 143 changes including some major updates:

  1. Migrate to Rails 6.1 with Zeitwerk autoloading (#29914). Switching to Zeitwerk autoloader breaks some plugins and requires plugin developers to fix the compatibility issues.
  2. Introduced CommonMark Markdown (GitHub Flavored) formatter (#32424) as an alternative to existing Markdown formatter based on Redcarpet. This new formatter is marked as experimental for now, but without any known issue. In the future versions, the Markdown based on Redcarpet will be deprecated and removed. A new configuration (common_mark_enable_hardbreaks) was added to the configuration file (configuration.yml) that allows to configure the hardbreak behaviour. Also, this formatter contains many fixes/improvements and supports task list items (#35742). Switching to this formatter is recommended for existing Markdown (there are some migration tips in the ticket).
  3. Users can be mention now using arobase autocomplete by other users with add watchers permission (#13919). This a long awaited feature.
  4. Issue custom query: default query per instance, project and user (#7360). This a long awaited feature.
  5. Default project custom query: per instance and per user (#35795).
  6. Ability to add watchers to Wiki pages (#7652).
  7. Issues can now be filtered by notes (#5893) or by file description (#34715).
  8. "Contains" operator supports now multiple search items (#35764). Using wilcard characters (_ or %) is no longer supported (#35073).
  9. Two-factor authentication improvements: you can enable it only for certain groups (#31920) or for users with administration rights (#35439). Users list contains now the 2FA status as column and as filter option (#35934).

Please review all the changes in the Changelog.

Redmine 4.1.7 and 4.2.5 are maintenance releases for 4.1.x and 4.2.x users. You can review the details in the Changelog.

Please note that 4.1.7 is the last release for 4.1 series, you should upgrade to Redmine 4.2 or 5.0 to get the future maintenance updates.

Many thanks to Go Maeda, Mizuki ISHIKAWA, Takashi Kato, Bernhard Rohloff, team, Pavel Rosický and all the contributors who made this release possible.


Added by Mitsuyoshi Kawabata about 2 years ago

Thanks, great news!

Added by Go MAEDA about 2 years ago

Please note that Support for Internet Explorer and OpenID has been dropped in Redmine 5.0.0 (#34978, #35755).

Added by Erik E about 2 years ago

Thanks to all contributors!

Added by Federico Vera about 2 years ago

Amazing! thanks for all that hard work! and a special thanks for all the contributors!

Added by Kohei Nakamura about 2 years ago

Thanks to the Redmine development team
for all your hard work. :)

Added by Tigergm Wu about 2 years ago

Wonderful and great work!