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Jean-Philippe Lang, 2014-03-29 18:02


2.5.1 (2014-03-29)

  • Defect #14298: Error generated on 'search for watchers to add' after clicking add without selected users
  • Defect #16236: Right-aligned table of contents (TOC) not working with markdown
  • Defect #16255: Internal Error for specific version of non-existent wiki page
  • Defect #16259: Changing Tracker value on new issue form makes hidden fields appearing after hitting F5
  • Defect #16321: Custom Fields with "Link values to URL" set are displayed as escaped html in email
  • Defect #16338: Can't choose an issue of a different project when updating time entries
  • Defect #16353: Regexp bug in JournalsController regexp handling when quoting existing journal entries
  • Feature #16326: Custom queries, buttons to move column to top and bottom
  • Patch #16291: Japanese translation update
  • Patch #16319: Random crash when using custom fields
  • Patch #16320: Turkish typo fix
  • Patch #16334: Korean Translation
  • Patch #16336: Russian translation
  • Patch #16356: Spanish Translation: label_custom_field_select_type
  • Patch #16368: Polish translation update
  • Patch #16381: Extract code to render project context links to helper
  • Patch #16453: Czech localisation
  • Defect #16466: Fixed back url verification (JVN#93004610)

2.5.0 (2014-03-02)

  • Defect #3163: Large inline images overflow
  • Defect #13385: Searchable checkbox displayed on edit form for not-searchable custom field formats.
  • Defect #13396: Updating an issue with user or list format custom field, currently having value that is locked or removed, clears that field
  • Defect #14361: Mercurial commit ids are short (12 digits) on database
  • Defect #15377: bundle install --without development test fails
  • Defect #15381: Error pages improvement
  • Defect #15485: HTML 5 validation multiple ids
  • Defect #15551: Validating a Setting with invalid name triggers an error
  • Defect #15552: Preferences are not preserved after adding user with validation error
  • Defect #15704: Journal for relation should store relation type instead of i18n key
  • Defect #15709: TimeEntry custom_values are not deleted from the database when destroying the associated project
  • Defect #15831: Successful update notice for workflows
  • Defect #15848: REST API: Cannot retrieve memberships of closed projects
  • Defect #15929: REST API: Integer custom field validation fails when using non-string values
  • Defect #15947: Deadlock when delete issues in same time on multiple sessions
  • Defect #15983: Project.activities returns different types depending on context
  • Defect #16077: Table of contents macro conflicts with collapse macro
  • Defect #16091: Export CSV with many custom field runs many queries
  • Defect #16107: ApplicationController mishandles non-Basic authentication information, causing an internal error
  • Defect #16143: Can't insert too long comment field from repository (MySQL)
  • Feature #1179: Optionally allow Text and Long Text custom fields support wiki formatting
  • Feature #1358: Link_to for Custom Field
  • Feature #2083: CustomField of type "external-link-to" with configurable URL prefix
  • Feature #2549: Enable the watching of news
  • Feature #2691: Option to disable automated language-guessing based on HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE HTTP-header
  • Feature #8152: Render Version and User custom fields as links
  • Feature #8562: Watchers list too big in new issue form
  • Feature #8572: Configuration of which versions (by version-status) are shown in version-format custom fields
  • Feature #8842: REST API: Filter issues created/updated before or after specific timestamp
  • Feature #13134: Focus first text field automatically
  • Feature #14309: Add favicon to Atom feeds
  • Feature #15275: Improve usage of label "button_update"
  • Feature #15362: Wrap filters, options and buttons with extra div on the issue list
  • Feature #15520: Markdown formatting
  • Feature #15699: Description for custom fields
  • Feature #15701: Add project identifier substitution option to the URL-pattern property of link format custom fields
  • Feature #15790: Use the mime-types gem to get mime type for unknown extension
  • Feature #15815: REST API : Add project status in API response
  • Feature #15926: Redirect to back_url or referer when clicking "Sign in" while already logged-in
  • Patch #12753: Update config.i18n.load_path for plugin-supplied locales
  • Patch #13774: Show warning if CSV-Export exceeds limit
  • Patch #14766: Better block detection on my page
  • Patch #15403: Czech "message" and "changeset" translation change
  • Patch #15420: Don't create duplicate wikis in tests
  • Patch #15689: Make favicon themeable
  • Patch #15785: Support more character encodings in incoming emails

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