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Mischa The Evil, 2009-07-25 18:25
Corrected typo in version-number of Kanban plugin (s/0.2.1/0.1.1)

Redmine plugin list

This page is a work-in-progress for the plugin list refactoring, which can be currently considered as in beta status.

This is a directory of the available plugins for Redmine, sorted in an alphabetical order. General information about Redmine plugins and how to install them into your Redmine can be found on RedminePlugins.

Beta notes


  • RedminePlugins is considered to be created from the content of the current Plugins page
  • PluginList is considered to become Plugins - *(edavis: I'd perfer to keep this at PluginList and just link to it from Plugins. That way Plugins will remain simple and this list can grow separately)
  • RedminePlugins section containing the old plugin list should link to the new Plugins page (containing the list from current PluginList

Following that scheme all parent-child relationships of all plugin-related pages can be modified to become like can be seen in the first footnote1 (to prevent collision with the TOC).


A sample of an complete entry in Redmine syntax can be found in the second footnote2.

  • Every plugin-entry starts with an heading h3
  • This previous heading is followed by a bulleted list item containing a short description of the plugin starting with the name of the plugin which links to an annouchement on the forums or a dedicated wiki-page on
  • After the previous list item we now have four sub bulleted list items containing:
    • the author of the plugin with a link to the profile page if the user is registered at
    • the latest release of the plugin plus it's release-date, where the release-date is the date of the latest commit if the plugin author does not provide packages or git-tags of releases ánd does not update the plugin-version after every commit
    • the Redmine releases which the plugin is compatible with (currently the only two values filled-in are 0.8.x and Trunk, this could be insufficient for plugins which require a specific point-release of the 0.8.x-branch (let's say 0.8.3 (which brought several mailer-fixes IIRC)))
    • a link to the public SCM (as in "Source Code Management") if it exists, otherwise n/a
    • TODO: a link to the public issue tracker for the plugin


No entries.


Blog plugin

  • Blog is a plugin which provides a blog within Redmine.
    • Author: _Andrew Chaika_
    • Latest release: 0.0.4, 2009-05-06
    • Compatible with: ???
    • Public SCM: n/a

Bots Filter plugin

  • BotsFilterPlugin prevents common bots from crawling various urls.
    • Author: _Jean-Philippe Lang_
    • Latest release: 1.0, 2009-02-05
    • Compatible with: Redmine 0.8.x & Redmine Trunk
    • Public SCM: n/a

Budget plugin

Bugcloud plugin

Bulk Time Entry plugin


Campfire Notifications plugin

Charts plugin

Chat plugin

Code Book plugin

Code Review plugin

Collapse plugin

  • Collapse is a plugin which moves the Redmine sidebar to the left side, makes it collapsible and adds some other features to the sidebar.
    • Author: _Mischa The Evil_
    • Latest release: 0.2.2, 2009-06-10
    • Compatible with: Redmine 0.8.x & Redmine Trunk
    • Public SCM: n/a

Customer plugin


Developer Rates plugin

Diff Email plugin


Embedded plugin

Estimer plugin

  • Estimer is a plugin to estimate a software project. It is based on Function Point and Use case Point method.

Exception Handler plugin

ezFAQ plugin

ezFtpSearch plugin

ezLibrarian plugin

ezSidebar plugin

ezSummary plugin


No entries.


Google Analytics plugin

Google Calendar plugin

Graphs plugin


Hoptoad Server plugin

Hudson plugin


Issue Due Date plugin

Issue Group plugin


No entries.


Kanban plugin

L plugin

Local Avatars plugin


Markdown formatter plugin

Markdown Extra formatter plugin

Messenger plugin

My Widgets plugin


No entries.


No entries.


Project Scores plugin

Projects Tree View plugin

  • Projects Tree View is a plugin which turns the projects index view into a tree view that can be expanded and collapsed.
    • Author: _Chris Peterson_
    • Latest release: 0.0.2, 2009-03-31
    • Compatible with: Redmine Trunk (using workaround)
    • Public SCM: n/a


Question plugin


Rate plugin

RD formatter plugin

Repo Pygments plugin

  • Repo Pygments is a plugin which allows using Pygments as a highlight tool for repository files.
    • Author: _Jongliang Zhang_
    • Latest release: 0.0.2, 2009-06-15
    • Compatible with: ???
    • Public SCM: n/a

Require Closing Note plugin

Resources plugin

  • Resources is a plugin which allows links to resources to be added to an issue. For the purposes of this plugin, a resource is any external site that is useful for the understanding or completion of an issue.


Schedules plugin

Scrumdashboard plugin

Simple CI plugin

Status Updates plugin

Stuff To Do plugin

Subtasks plugin

System Notification plugin


Tab plugin

Timesheet plugin

Todo Lists plugin


No entries.


Vote plugin


Wiki Extensions plugin


No entries.


No entries.


No entries.



* [[Guide]]
  * [[RedminePlugins]]
    * [[Plugin_Tutorial]]
    * [[Plugin_Internals]]
    * [[Hooks]]
* [[Plugins]]
  * [[BotsFilterPlugin]]
  * [[PluginBudget]]
  * all other dedicated wiki-pages for plugins...

2 using << and >> as a replacement for the square brackets to prevent parsing by Redmine:

h3. Budget plugin

* <<PluginBudget|Budget>> is a plugin to manage a set of deliverables for each project, automatically calculating key performance indicators.
** Author: "_Eric Davis_":
** Latest release: _<code>0.2.0</code>, 2009-04-27_
** Compatible with: _Redmine 0.8.x & Redmine Trunk_
** Public SCM: _

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