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Jean-Philippe Lang, 2019-02-21 17:46

Changelog 4.0.x

4.0.2 (2019-02-21)


  • Defect #30434: Line height is too large when previewing files with syntax highlighting if the line terminators are CRLF

[Email receiving]

  • Defect #30785: Mail handler does not ignore emails sent from emission email address if Setting.mail_from includes display name

[Gems support]

  • Defect #30114: Installing xpath with Bundler fails in Ruby <=2.2
  • Patch #30821: Stay in RMagick 2.16.0 and don't update to 3.0.0

[Issues filter]

  • Defect #30718: Translation missing for filter by project status

[Issues list]

  • Defect #30236: Accidentally clicking next to the checkbox breaks issue selection

[Rails support]

  • Patch #30725: Plugin eager_load should depend on environment setting instead of name


  • Defect #30411: Filesystem adapter does not show correct size for large files


  • Defect #30732: Bulgarian translation update for 4.0-stable
  • Patch #30791: Traditional Chinese translation update for 4.0-stable


  • Feature #10264: Add a check/uncheck all button to search
  • Feature #30834: Links to forum replies should highlight the linked reply
  • Patch #30818: Issues autocomplete should respond with content type json


  • Defect #30758: Preview URL in Wiki Toolbar should be escaped

4.0.1 (2019-01-20)


  • Defect #30287: The tooltip layout of the calendar is broken

[Code cleanup/refactoring]

  • Patch #30115: Move Version#fixed_issues extension to a module
  • Patch #30413: Add ".ruby-version" to svn:ignore, .git:ignore, and .hgignore


  • Defect #30171: Decrypting LDAP and SCM passwords fail if the plaintext password is longer than 31 bytes


  • Defect #30161: Incorrect supported Ruby version in doc/INSTALL

[Email receiving]

  • Defect #30455: Adding an issue note via email fails due to NoMethodError


  • Patch #2635: Display notice on forum updates

[Gems support]

  • Defect #30353: Installing rails with Bundler 2.0 fails in 3.x
  • Patch #30241: Update nokogiri gem (~> 1.10.0)
  • Patch #30420: Update pg gem (~> 1.1.4)


  • Patch #30412: Import UTF-8 issue CSV files with BOM and quoted strings


  • Patch #30465: Deadlock when assigning custom values

[Ruby support]

  • Feature #30118: Ruby 2.6 support


  • Patch #29767: Traditional Chinese translation update
  • Patch #30292: Ukrainian translation update for 4.0-stable


  • Defect #30426: Table rows are not highlighted on mouseover on some pages
  • Patch #29951: Quick design fix/proposals for projects index page

4.0.0 (2018-12-09)

[Accounts / authentication]

  • Feature #28561: Add note about link validity to password lost email
  • Patch #5957: Export users list to CSV
  • Patch #29781: Prevent users from getting stuck with an expired password recovery token in their session


  • Defect #28920: Redmine::VERSION::revision should take subversion_command setting into account
  • Feature #29993: Option to unarchive the project when admins visit an archived project
  • Patch #26341: Add useful details to error message when a template is missing


  • Feature #16410: Bulk delete wiki attachments
  • Feature #27822: Remove filename from attachment preview links
  • Feature #28616: Handle image orientation of attachments and thumbnails
  • Patch #27336: Render previews for audio and video files
  • Patch #28295: Show name changes in diff preview
  • Patch #29190: Add link to container on attachment preview
  • Patch #29395: Pagination between repository entries and attachments of the same container


  • Feature #28067: Add context menu for issues in calendar

[Code cleanup/refactoring]

  • Defect #28268: Fix typo in test name: s/udpate/update/
  • Defect #28931: Unreachable code in QueriesControllerTest#test_bulk_copy_to_another_project
  • Defect #29215: Fixture is missing for IssuesTest#test_create_issue_with_new_target_version
  • Defect #29708: Wrong use of refute_includes in tests
  • Defect #29820: Missing fixture enabled_modules in TrackerTest
  • Defect #29883: AttachmentsVisibilityTest and Redmine::AttachmentFieldFormatTest fail randomly due to uninitialized User.current
  • Defect #29912: Missing closing tag in app/views/roles/_form.html.erb
  • Defect #29990: Add missing fixtures for test_create_should_send_notification
  • Defect #30054: Add missing fixtures for test_create_with_one_attachment
  • Defect #30120: Add missing fixture for reports_controller_test
  • Patch #26130: Refactor "multiple_values_detail" struct creation
  • Patch #26323: Remove ActiveRecord workaround (fixed in Rails 5)
  • Patch #27670: Fix typo in configuration.yml.example
  • Patch #28024: Fix typo in error message in mailer.rb
  • Patch #28028: Remove unused method Mailer#mylogger
  • Patch #28229: Remove unused i18n key "setting_app_subtitle"
  • Patch #28478: Update the app name in extra/sample_plugin/init.rb: s/RedMine/Redmine/
  • Patch #28605: Add the missing icon class to the items with icons from the contextual menu
  • Patch #28611: Remove unused i18n strings from locale files
  • Patch #29160: Remove unused and broken method CustomField.visibility_condition
  • Patch #29440: Fix typo in test name: s/highligth/highlight/
  • Patch #29632: Redmine::SortCriteria#normalize! does not limit properly the number of elements
  • Patch #29710: Remove unused variable 'filter_options' from Query#add_filter
  • Patch #30137: Remove rails-html-sanitizer from Gemfile

[Custom fields]

  • Defect #25726: Issue details page shows default values for custom fields that aren't actually set
  • Patch #27024: Links on custom field values don't have "external" class
  • Patch #29161: Avoid SQL errors when adding a project custom field as a time report criteria
  • Patch #29189: Display custom fields on group pages


  • Patch #28943: Remove RDoc tags
  • Patch #28996: Update Redmine::Plugin documentation

[Email notifications]

  • Defect #5703: On SMTP failure, an internal error occurs and all changes to an issue are lost
  • Defect #8157: Redmine do not send notification emails if a recipients email address is not valid
  • Feature #26791: Send individual notification mails per mail recipient
  • Feature #29771: Sort issues by due date in email reminders
  • Feature #30068: Remove :async_smtp and :async_sendmail delivery methods

[Email receiving]

  • Defect #27810: Typo in rdm-mailhandler.rb: s/Proccessed/Processed/
  • Defect #27812: Typo in rdm-mailhandler.rb: s/subadress/subaddress/
  • Defect #29442: Vendor-defined characters in ISO-2022-JP email subject break issue's subject
  • Feature #27070: Allow setting "Parent issue" attribute in emails
  • Patch #27025: Regex support for excluded mail attachments
  • Patch #28026: "project_from_subbaddress" option is not listed in the help of "rake redmine:email:receive_imap"
  • Patch #29614: redmine:email:read and rdm-mailhandler.rb should use safe_receive instead of receive
  • Patch #29669: "no_notification" option is not listed in the description of email.rake


  • Defect #13521: Gantt bars with start date and end date on the same day don't become red by overdue
  • Feature #10485: Add new context menu in Gantt view for each issue
  • Feature #20481: Gantt: right and left resizable panel
  • Patch #26671: Use the new pagination style in gantt
  • Patch #26869: Use number input field instead of text input for Gantt months field
  • Patch #28602: Move edit and delete buttons for queries to the buttons section

[Gems support]

  • Defect #26066: Selenium::WebDriver doesn't work with current version of Firefox
  • Feature #29443: Update mail gem (~> 2.7.1)
  • Feature #29947: Update roadie gem to 3.4.0
  • Patch #26322: Update simplecov gem (~> 0.14.1)
  • Patch #26503: Update nokogiri gem (~> 1.8.0)
  • Patch #28504: Update mysql2 gem to 0.5.0
  • Patch #28505: Update pg gem to 1.0
  • Patch #28929: Update roadie-rails to ~> 1.3.0
  • Patch #29999: Update rdoc gem

[Hook requests]

  • Patch #28895: view_projects_copy_only_items hook


  • Feature #26618: Support of default ActiveRecord I18n scopes in LabelledFormBuilder


  • Defect #14846: Calculation of the start date of following issues ignores the "non-working days" setting
  • Defect #27848: The progress exceeding 99.5% is displayed as 100%
  • Defect #28264: Global and public custom queries are shown as editable to non administrators in projects
  • Defect #28951: Cannot clear category field on copying an Issue
  • Defect #29701: Custom queries are broken by updating with nil parameter values
  • Feature #2529: Extend Issue Summary to include subprojects
  • Feature #12704: Allow selecting subprojects on new issue form
  • Feature #15919: Set default category assignee immediately upon category selection
  • Feature #23518: Move action links and edit form above the history when displaying comments in reverse order
  • Feature #26192: Option to disable automatic closing of duplicate issues
  • Feature #26279: Allow switching the encoding to UTF-8 when exporting to CSV
  • Patch #27772: Issues reports should show only statuses used by the project
  • Patch #28154: Support for lastnames with spaces in user autocompleters
  • Patch #28494: Recalculate issue priority position names if default value changed

[Issues filter]

  • Feature #8160: Extend watched_by_me-issue filter to include all project-members instead of only <<me>>-substitution
  • Feature #15201: Filter "Assignee" should contain locked users
  • Feature #28660: Change default operator for text format custom fields from "is" to "contains"
  • Patch #26091: Allow to filter by any visible version on the global issues view

[Issues list]

  • Feature #27316: Highlight due date of overdue issues in the issues list


  • Defect #24970: Net::LDAP::LdapError is deprecated
  • Defect #28000: Deletion of an LDAP authentication mode may fail silently
  • Feature #21923: net-ldap 0.12.0 - 0.12.1 dropped support of UTF-8
  • Patch #29606: Support self-signed LDAPS connections

[My page]

  • Feature #2471: Add my activities to my page
  • Feature #29449: Filter out issues from closed projects in My Page blocks

[PDF export]

  • Defect #12510: Issues PDF export: Spent time/Float-values aren't rounded to 2 digits


  • Feature #28952: Update User#last_login_on only once per minute
  • Patch #26711: Use pluck instead of collect/map
  • Patch #26747: Use find_by instead of where.first to remove unnecessary sorting
  • Patch #27671: Use reverse_each instead of reverse.each for better performance
  • Patch #29299: Use Enumerable#sort_by instead of Enumerable#sort
  • Patch #29305: Use Hash#each_key instead of Hash#keys.each
  • Patch #29359: Switch to mini_mime from mime-types
  • Patch #29363: Use String#tr instead of String#gsub
  • Patch #29406: Use sorted instead of sort

[Permissions and roles]

  • Defect #26145: Don't redirect anonymous users to the login form for disabled modules

[Plugin API]

  • Defect #26610: Migration file generated by redmine_plugin_model generator is not compatible with Rails 5.1
  • Defect #28668: redmine_plugin_controller generates camelcase filename
  • Patch #28564: JSON API responses cannot have elements named 'request' or 'response'

[Project settings]

  • Feature #26488: Project settings : Move issue tracking settings to their own tab
  • Feature #26579: Project settings : remove Wiki tab
  • Patch #27799: Mark default version in versions tab from project settings


  • Feature #10282: Copy wiki attachments on project copy
  • Feature #20081: Filter issues and time entries by project status
  • Patch #26621: Allow to copy documents along with projects
  • Patch #26622: Copy version attachments (i.e. Files) along with the versions on project copy


  • Defect #28686: /users API does not accept boolean-like String values for generate_password
  • Patch #28191: Add assignable, issues_visibility, time_entries_visibility and users_visibility to Roles API response
  • Patch #29459: Add admin flag to users API

[Rails support]

  • Feature #19755: Drop protected_attributes gem
  • Feature #23630: Migrate to Rails 5.2
  • Patch #28934: Support migration context for plugins


  • Patch #27676: Information leak on roadmap and versions view

[Ruby support]

  • Feature #25538: Drop support for Ruby 2.2.1 and ealier, 2.2.2+ is now required
  • Feature #27849: Ruby 2.5 support


  • Feature #26576: Use tabs to switch between file changes and diff of a commit
  • Patch #26391: Drop Darcs SCM support
  • Patch #26522: Repository routing bug when file path starts with (browse|entry|raw|changes|annotate|diff)/


  • Defect #27865: RailsBaseURI ignored while creating robots.txt
  • Feature #27876: Add project id to robots.txt
  • Feature #29503: Discourage search engines from indexing old versions of wiki pages

[Search engine]

  • Feature #26620: Change the text of the submit button on search page from button_submit to label_search
  • Patch #30037: Allow single Chinese character as a search keyword

[Text formatting]

  • Defect #26443: User link syntax (user:login) doesn't work for logins consisting of an email adress
  • Defect #26507: "attachment:filename" link syntax would not work if the file name contains "@"
  • Defect #26708: Diff formatting results empty lines if they contains HTML tags
  • Defect #26892: Link to user in wiki syntax only works when login is written in lower case
  • Defect #27968: Image filename for HDPI monitors () are misrecognized as email address
  • Feature #22843: Change the value of "pre" button in Markdown toolbar from "~~~" to "```"
  • Feature #24681: Syntax highlighter: replace CodeRay with Rouge
  • Feature #26552: Allow "max-height", "max-width", "min-height" and "min-width" CSS properties in Textile
  • Feature #28796: Make sure that inline markups inserted by wiki toolbar are surrounded by whitespaces
  • Patch #16313: Allow to link to an anchor of the current wikipage
  • Patch #27114: Make robust Redmine::Helpers::URL#uri_with_safe_scheme?
  • Patch #28169: Enable and add underline button to the toolbar for Markdown formatting
  • Patch #28207: Test improvements for footnotes formatting syntax
  • Patch #29488: ##123 syntax for linking to issues with tracker name and subject

[Time tracking]

  • Feature #26356: Time entry list: set default column options
  • Feature #26396: Timelog list : new column that contains the date when the time was logged
  • Feature #28391: Add issue category filter and column to spent time queries
  • Feature #29042: Add links to Users, Projects and Versions (at least) in timelog report
  • Patch #24005: Settings to accept 0 hours time entries and for maximum hours per user and day
  • Patch #26534: Allow project bulk edit of time entries
  • Patch #29162: Only allow visible custom fields as aggregation criteria in time reports


  • Defect #22424: Change Russian translation for default_issue_status_feedback
  • Defect #28160: Misleading russian translation for "Log time" button
  • Defect #29901: Fix typo in French text_tracker_no_workflow
  • Patch #26501: Change English translation for setting_issue_list_default_columns
  • Patch #26514: German translation for 404-error-page is semantically not correct and misleading
  • Patch #26591: Spanish "text_journal_changed" translate change
  • Patch #27506: Czech translation change
  • Patch #27768: Lithuanian "default_role_developer" translation change
  • Patch #27926: Change Bulgarian translation for label_news_new
  • Patch #27989: Change Galician translation for "Underline" and "Wiki link" (jstoolbar-gl.js)
  • Patch #28279: Change German translation for not_a_regexp and setting_mail_handler_enable_regex
  • Patch #28311: Remove unused i18n key "permission_move_issues"
  • Patch #28321: Change Japanese translation for "in use"
  • Patch #28493: Persian translation update and improvements
  • Patch #28769: Change inconsistent Japanese translation for time tracking activities
  • Patch #29115: Change Japanese translation for date filter operators
  • Patch #29118: Change Japanese translation for text_user_mail_option
  • Patch #29129: Use active voice instead of passive voice in Japanese translation
  • Patch #29275: Update French translations
  • Patch #29697: Czech translation fixes
  • Patch #29739: Change English name for zh and zh-TW to "Chinese/Simplified" and "Chinese/Traditional"


  • Defect #5593: Grey out workflow checkboxes for transitions to the same status
  • Defect #17517: Attempting to Add a Related Issue Multiple Times Sequentially Causes 500
  • Defect #29607: Allow project column to break into new line in time entry table
  • Feature #8888: Add a link / button to get back to the Issue/Time tracking screen from the "Log time" screen
  • Feature #12221: Add "View Differences" button above wiki and repository revisions table
  • Feature #22978: Links to issue notes should highlight the linked note
  • Feature #26253: Render repository graphs using Chart.js instead of SVG
  • Feature #26577: More neutral color download icon
  • Feature #26638: Move journal action links above the notes
  • Feature #26648: Show transparency grid when previewing images
  • Feature #27758: Adds preview option to the wiki toolbar
  • Feature #28330: Links to wiki headings should highlight the linked heading
  • Feature #28413: Add CSS class to identify public projects
  • Feature #28531: Add css to distinguish when a main menu is present or not
  • Feature #29053: Add check/unchek all icon in "Email notifications" section on "My account" page
  • Feature #29080: Add check/uncheck all icon in "Copy" section on copy_project page
  • Feature #29183: Move "Latest news" above "Members" on project overview page
  • Feature #29306: Add assignee's icon to tooltips in gantt and calendar
  • Patch #25853: Move left bottom links from project settings above
  • Patch #26125: Unify form#query_form on calendar/gantt views with issues/spent time views
  • Patch #26655: Additional icon for contextmenu
  • Patch #26662: Add border around issue history to prevent accidental deletion of an issue
  • Patch #26674: Add CSS classes to column headers of issues and timelogs list
  • Patch #27009: Clarify consequences of disabling the login_required setting
  • Patch #27219: Show default status on the trackers list
  • Patch #27240: Render the activities block on the UsersController#show view grouped, with event_type icon and with the 'me' indication
  • Patch #27807: Use a unique way to check/uncheck a group/fieldset with checkboxes
  • Patch #28242: Add toggle checkboxes link (green tick) to several screens
  • Patch #28662: Replace "Cancel" buttons from the modals with "Cancel" link
  • Patch #29033: Move attachments to their own section in issue page
  • Patch #29644: Add a link to issues summary to issue tracking box on overview page


  • Defect #22967: Special character like quote breaks wiki links
  • Defect #22975: Moving a wiki page to a different project should refresh parent page list
  • Feature #26575: Add update info at the bottom of the wiki page
  • Patch #16446: Generate full URLs to images and linked pages in the Wiki HTML export
  • Patch #26043: Set the parent page automatically when creating a wiki page from the "Add page" link